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Universities and Colleges

Today, over 600 universities nationwide uses UEMS. Honored with that trust, we strive every day to deliver a world class solution.

It is a hassle free way to send and receive documents anywhere in the world within 3-5 business days. +

Simple. Secure. Available 24/7.


Zero Cost Solution

Never spend another dollar on shipping.

Hassle Free

Eliminate handwritten labels and dealing with carriers! We got that covered.


Just print and send. Let UEMS do all the ground work.


Have a central repository of all mailing records.


Send packages anywhere in the world within 3-5 business days.


Let UEMS deal with all support issues regarding your documents shipping.

How much can you save?

Total I-20s issued annually:
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Annual Cost Savings:
Total Cost for universities:

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+Does not include university preparation time
+Assumes there are no carrier-related, weather-related, or clearance delays