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eShipGlobal is a team of people dedicated to serving the academic community by redefining what it means to send and receive critical packages, to seamlessly connect and deliver true excellence. Our relationship with the academic community started more than 15 years ago, and with that legacy and relationship, we are humbled and grateful every day that our solutions and tools are able to help university admissions, international student services, international student recruiters and so much more accomplish their mailing needs.

Top Questions About UEMS:

Please ensure the Shipment ready time is 30 minutes prior to the current time, and allow a four-hour window between the ready and close time. If you continue to receive an error, please contact adminsupport@eshipglobal.com for further assistance.
You might not be able to print the label because the shipment may be in transit. To see if a shipment is in transit, look at the scans under Scan Activity column
If the label has not been printed, the shipment can be moved to a different department.

After you log in, follow the below instructions:

1. Click on Shipment History.

2. Find the order that you want to switch departments and select Details.

3. Click on Switch Department.

4. Select the new department and click Save.
Please ensure the From and To dates filters on the Shipment History page include the date on the order confirmation email. If the order still cannot be located, please contact adminsupport@eshipglobal.com for further assistance.
Please modify both the From and To date filters, however, the dates cannot be more than 60 days apart.

Features That Benefit Universities

Students Pay
Students can pay for their own shipping

No More Hassles
Eliminates payment and invoicing hassles

Ship Anywhere
Including embargoed countries

Search students by name, ID, date of birth or tracking number

Improve Accuracy
Auto-generated shipping labels created by student ensures accuracy

No Installation
UEMS is an online solution with no installation or download needed

Integration with sunapsis
UEMS can be seamlessly integrated into sunapsis

Zero Cost Solution
No installation costs and no usage or subscription fees

Customer Service
We handle all your calls and support

Ship Recruiting Materials
Easily ship recruiting materials to other countries

Bulk Printing
Print shipping labels in batches