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Two Services to Help the OPT Process!

Discounted Shipping | Job Search

Helping you to mail your OPT with UEMS

Save Time and Money

Discounted rates for expedited shipping that will deliver your package in 1-3 business days using trusted carriers like UPS, FedEx and USPS!

Reliability and Support

Our customer service team will coordinate with carriers to ensure your application is delivered on time.


The addresses to the USCIS offices are pre-loaded into UEMS.

Helping with your job search

Connection to Recruiters

If you ship your OPT through UEMS during the months of February-April, your resume will be sent to recruiters across the US*, boosting your chances at landing an OPT job!

Job Listings

Job listings posted from companies known to sponsor H1B visas on our CollegeThink.com job search website.

Tips and Tricks

Blogs with tips and tricks to help you with the job search process.

*Limited to those who fall within our partner agency locations and focus.
**We do not guarantee any jobs or interviews will come from our services.